XIOPLAST is an industry that produces products of plastic, especially plastic bags in various types for general or specialized use, tablecloths, greenhouse rolls etc. The company's products are available at competitive prices on the island, the islands of the Eastern Aegean and the rest of Greece.

XIOPLAST was created in April of 1995 by the then name "VIOGDANPLAST" from the two current shareholders, Simos Nikitas and Stavros Gdisis, and was located in Kleidou, Vrontados Chios. Today, the factory is known as "CHIOPLAST" and operates in private facilities, in Milinga, Omiroupolis in a modern environment with sufficient space for future expansion of its activities.

Since its inception, the company aims to produce quality products by investing in equipment and building on experience acquired over time.

XIOPLAST goes on with responsibility and respect for the customer, creating relationships that last. Know our products and compare our prices!